Friday, May 3, 2013

Lucky Women!

Recently watched a Malayalam flick called 22 Female Kottayam or 22FK. No, this is not a review of the movie. This movie stirred something in me. It was a hard-hitting flick on a Woman’s Vengeance.

We exalt women on being strong- willed, for their endurance, for their ability to hold their ground and their families during the most trying times. Of course, women are all that and more, but I often wonder why do women need to go through something bad to realize this? This whole concept of the ‘caregiver’, the one who adjusts, the ‘Mother –India- figure’ is skewed! Can’t a woman be strong and happy at the same time, and why is she made to feel guilty if she is. I don’t say that all women and all families are the same, but women need to stop putting others before themselves all too often.

Naina Lal Kidwai, GM and India Head- HSBC, in an interview said that while choosing a profession, women can be more creative and do the things which they ‘like’, since they mostly do not have to carry the economic burden of their families which the poor guys usually have to. These have exactly been my thoughts always! The poor men hardly have the luxury to follow their hearts, to do stuff even if it doesn’t pay the bills, whereas women, mostly, can afford to do that. And that needs to be appreciated and celebrated by us women. Let’s stop pretending to be martyrs and concentrate on being more selfish!

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