Thursday, January 2, 2014

In Retrospect..

Every Beginning has an end, every end has a beginning, but it’s what ensues in between is of most importance. My husband thought that I should be writing about the year gone by, all the good things that we experienced, the new skills we learnt, whether it’s going back to the hobbies we had or new ones acquired. My husband and I are naturally attuned to remembering all the good things which we experienced, conveniently bypassing uncomfortable moments. He recently told me that people have stopped ‘forgiving’ and its disturbing. I also learnt that something’s need to be ignored and they are not worth getting affected due to these little, insignificant things.

We learnt what it is to be a family, how to stick together when in dire situations and when to let go. We learnt that grudges are best resolved when there’s open and direct communication and that it’s better to confront rather than keep wallowing in your own doubts and complaints.

We learnt that our life is ours to decide which path we want to choose and what shape we want it to take. Life throws many options at you and people around you try to dump their unfulfilled wishes on to you, it’s important to know what’s closer to your heart and stick through your decisions. We learnt to always listen to our intuitions, that initial judgments are almost always right!

We learnt the importance and the sheer fulfillment which hobbies bring to our lives, the sense of accomplishment when you do the thing you’re good at, the ability to create something which people can appreciate, which you yourself can appreciate is absolute bliss!

Hopes, disappointments, loneliness, confusions, triumph, celebrations, accomplishments, like every year this year too had its highs and lows, what matters now is how we move forward from here.  Life, we’re ready to face you head on, and with the people in our lives, things just get a tad bit more interesting!

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