Thursday, November 12, 2009


A boring day, a hectic day, a good –for – nothing day, a bloody shitty day, a fun day, a feel- like- doing- nothing day, there are many days in our lives and we live it all. And who do you think makes the days, the days that they are. God?? Id rather say its the people who we meet everyday.

There are some people who make a lasting impression on our minds or rather our gut by their unfathomable obnoxious behaviours
I met one such character a few months back. He belongs to the HR department of a very reputed Hotel belonging to a renowned group in the Hotel industry, One would expect someone of such profile to have some panache. But it was far from it. After a few initial exhanges, as I offer him my visiting card, he does the most barbaric act that one can ever think of. Apparently, he had just finished his afternoon grub and my card became his tool to dig out all that was stuck between his teeth. As I sat dumbstruck, he went about his task in the most matter of fact way. ‘There goes my identity, there goes my name digging out crap from someone’s plaque filled teeth’, I thought. But alas, I still gather all my wits to offer my card to others too- have to.

Theres another such uncouth who I can think of. This man’s speech is audible only as far as the second word and then metamorph into a whisper- ‘I think it…… s…u….ca…..’, interspersed with an open mouthed cough at regular intervals. ‘Currently there….. go…(cough)… (cough). So it ha….ve….’. Sometimes I get through by lip reading and at other more distressful times I have post- meeting with his junior who hangs on to his seniors lips seems to empathise with my dilemma.

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