Sunday, November 8, 2009

Je Cheoooo- Read On For the Meaning....

We live in a world of heuristics. We humans indeed are cognitive misers. 'Misers' did u say? Yes we fill in the blanks, cover the gaps and bring out our understanding of the world.
I came across this beautiful demonstration of this ‘misery’- ‘The Maid’ wanted to watch television, which she always insists on whenever she feels that she can gradually goad me to put it on. She does this with an amazing tact worthy of being mentioned in Any Self Help book – ’Get Your Own Way in 10 Simple Steps’ – can be a reliable name.
She talks about this thing and that and at the right moment, sometimes in the midst of a sentence blurts it out- ‘Didi TV lagao na’- Ah, not to mention the full set of pearly whites she manifests each time she says this. With all my defenses lowered,I have to put the TV on for her.
Coming back to the point of how we humans make sense of the unstructured information we receive- Music as we all know has its own characteristics. As I put the TV on, it started jarring the song- ‘Paisa phek tamasha dekh……….’ There is a line in the song sung in hip – hop style – ‘Gotta Move ur, gotta move ur body tonight…’
On the given cue, The Maid sings- ‘Go Moova, Go Moova, Go Moova, Baa tui….’. Now The Maid is a cracked vessel when it comes to English. She has studied till 6th grade but has not assimilated any English and any additions will will be leaked out to nothing.
But What the Heck! She enjoyed the music, she sang and I loved it too. So the moment made the two of us happy. Just as I had felt when I heard another street kid sing- ‘Je Cheeooo Cheeeoooo Je Cheooo’ to the tune of the Salman Khan hit- ‘Just Chill!!’
Jai Ho we Indians are Great…

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