Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Ode to My Driving force/s

Inspiration can come from anywhere- Seeing someone else doing what you can do better, Elders admonishing what you should do and what you shouldn’t, a sudden insight that you have not stood by what you said.

For me it was a mix of all these things that motivated me to start a blog or blogging as the popular usage goes. There always was a lingering wish to do it- somehow suppressed by laziness, skepticism, lowered testosterone etc. etc. (well the reasons were many you see). But the ultimate kick on the butt was by a Friend (name withheld for he knows its him I’m talking about). He can talk and talk and talk about himself and his new plans and then suddenly realization dawns upon him that he is being self centered. He asks me to then share about the happenings in my life and here is how the conversation goes-

Friend- Oh Ive been talking only about myself all this while, you tell me what’s happening with you yaar..
Me- Nothing, just the same routine, nothing much yaar. (Thinking- Gosh u sound like you are having marital disturbances, sound cheerful….)
Me- Oh there are many weddings happening next month, will be going home next month. (Bah..)
Friend- Oh really that’s nice…
Me- Yeah (He’s not interested really )
Me- Oh and I’m learning German (Yeah, now that’s a Brownie point)
Friend- I always thought that you have a flair for language, seriously you must start writing…..

And that was just that last push I needed to execute the task that I’ve been pondering for so long.

Of course, there are others who deserve much of the credit – One being my mother and other being my husband. They both have just the right way to get me to do things without being too persistent.

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